I found this device useful to customise our skills to suit our requirement.  In this process, I wanted to develop skills to children, which will help them in day-to-day learning their academic courses.


In this process, I have selected Class IV as a starting point to develop interactive skills for children.  The subjects are Science and Social Studies.

Skills for Alexa

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Initiated this exercise with first lesson from science text book, by name Living and Non-living things.  Will continue for Science, Social studies and also for English. I presented the skill with various questions that one can ask and get their responses.


The following are the questions that are build into the skill.  The question list goes on till the end of the text book.  As and when, I complete a chapter, I will update / write the questions over here as a guide to iteract with Alexa.

Skill - Intent



I found that, this exercise would help children...

  1. to develop their INTERACTIVE SKILLS.,
  2. Change in THNIKING PATTERN, as to how to ask a perfect question to get right answer. 
  3. Repeatedly ask the same question in a VARIETY OF WAYS to get the same answer - helps in understanding alternative ways of asking the same question.
  4. Learn the ART OF LISTENING to some one, instead of talking and expressing, as children regularly do, 
  5. and other such interesting skills, which can be inculcated in children.
  6. ofcourse, this CAN NEVER be a substitute to parent-child interaction.

I am in process of learning and practicing, as to how one can develop and programming with, the content behind the voice.

Skill - Interaction - How



Alexa, Open "Fourth Class Science"

Alexa, Launch "Fourth Class Science"

(Interactive model - Questions and Answers Format - Example)


  1. Alexa: Hi Dear, Guess you are doing good!, Welcome to Fourth Class Science skill... .. I am in process of learning other lessons, as of now, I can help you with first four lessons... Please Note with caution: The session remains open until you say STOP or CANCEL. Reason: on my observation, it takes more time, when children try to interact with Alexa... Now you can ask your questions...?
  2. User: What is Photosynthesis ?
    < any of the questiona in the given format... it can understand your mistakes in course of interaction with it, and adjust to your pronunciation skills>
    Alexa: Explanation regarding photosynthesis... is..from Lesson 1: The process by which green plant prepare food with the help of, carbon dioxide, water and chlorophyll, in the presence of sunlight is called photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis. Leave are green in colour due to the presence of chlorophyll. Food from leaves is transported to other parts of the plant through veins.
  3. User: Repeat
    Alexa: ...... repeats the above and says ... "Do you want to hear again...?"
  4. User: Yes 
    Alexa: ...... repeats the above and says ... "Do you want to hear again...?"

    You can say any number of times.,
    Alexa can repeat until you say NO
  5. User: NO
    Alexa: Thank you...!! Your session still remains active, you can ask any other question..!!
  6. User: if the user responds with something, Alexa doesn't know, then Alexa responds saying... "Hi, I didnot understand your question, can you please ask again..."
    User: User can ask another question..

    This activity can be carried for all the questions defined in this tool and as provided in the Class IV Science skill.
  7. Cancel or Exit or Stop can close the skill and retain its normal state for the next course of questions or activities.

Request:  Please provide your feedback, on the skills, to repath@repath.in so that, it will be of some help to others...!!

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